Hofmann International

International tax consultants - lawyers

Our Services

In these times of European integration, we find it important to look beyond national borders for new opportunities. Our experience in helping our clients from various sectors in their international activities can benefit your business.

We can provide advice and representation in all of Germany, in German, English and Dutch.

Please find examples of our services below.

Fiscal advice and representation

1. complete tax returns, including annual balance sheets, profit and loss statements,
     VAT-declaration, corporate tax and capital gains tax;

2. bookkeeping;

3. filing your request for subsidies;

4. input tax clawback;

5. wage-tax return;

6. income tax return.

Private Law

1. purchase and sale of businesses and business shares;

2. preparation of various kinds of contracts and agreements relating to the legal issues facing a company,
    such as articles of association, management employment contracts, rental agreements and
    preparation of notarized agreements (through our long-time notary cooperation partner);

3. business creation and formation of a corporation;

4. review of your agreements with German partners;

5. collection of outstanding accounts;

6. representation in court in all cases relating to the company or its employees.

Representation in

  • all administrative litigations in the area of licensing, i.e. building laws;
  • all issues related to traffic accidents;
  • criminal proceedings and penalty cases;

In short: comprehensive service for your business!