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Our services throughout Europe

As a result of the EU trade and monetary union, businesses and individuals increasingly work and move across national borders. Unfortunately, the legal systems of most member states have not yet been harmonized and the constraints of domestic politics make it unlikely that they will be in the future. States will continue to have their particular laws of taxation of earnings, succession, family, contract, succession tax and social security laws, to name the most important areas of law. Accordingly, when ‘crossing the border’, it will still be necessary to know, judge and use or avoid risks and opportunities in the future.

We offer comprehensive transnational advice in the following European countries:

   1. the Netherlands
   2. Belgium
   3. Luxembourg
   4. Switzerland
   5. Austria
   6. Italy
   7. Germany
   8. Spain

In doing so, we have particular expertise in the areas of

   1. Business settlement, comprehensive advice and representation in all matters abroad;
   2. international family law and law of succession;
   3. international contract law;
   4. law of transfrontier capital movements;
   5. foreign real property law;
   6. law of foreign employment relationships;
   7. enforcement of claims abroad.

In this context we also deal with all fiscal questions. Logistic problems that may arise will be solved by a cooperation partner.

In advising you, we make use of our own branches and cooperating tax advisors, lawyers and notaries, which have been handpicked by us and are committed to our quality standards. We procure, coordinate and supervise all necessary services, so that in most cases, you will have a single contact person for all your service needs.